A) Garden Advisory Services and Landscaping:-

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE AND GARDEN DESIGN :- Well planned and developed green areas can prove to be of great advantage not only aesthetically but functionally. Landscape architecture in conventional terms involves site planning and landscape design. Site planning is the process in which the analysis of the site is brought together in the creative synthesis. As a result of this, specific areas for specific activities are earmarked. Detailed landscape design relates to the selection of components, materials, plants and their combinations as solutions to limited and well defined problems i.e. pavings, steps, planters, fountains etc. Through this process a specific quality is given to diagrammatic spaces and areas of site plan. Garden design relates to smaller limited spaces. Judicious planning is of utmost importance, especially in today's atmosphere of high costs and diminishing open spaces.

SUTTONS LANDSCAPING & HORTICULTURAL CONSULTANCY :- It was precisely with such aims that Suttons which is a reputed flower and vegetable seed company established its Landscaping and Horticultural Consultancy division in 1974 at Calcutta. In the last 15 years, since starting of our Horticultural Consultancy Services Division we have undertaken prestigious jobs in different parts of the country. Some of these include Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd., Refinery and township, Cadbury's Factory, U.P. State Electricity Board Guest Houses, Hindustan Lever Ltd. Factory, ONGC, Goodricke Ltd. Office Complex, State Bank of India Officer's Housing, Assam Asbestos Ltd. etc.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE :- Our landscaping and horticultural division includes a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals from varied backgrounds. Our consultancy services include landscape and environment planning, landscape design and garden design. Besides planning we are also involved in execution of landscape layout plans including preparation of horticultural tenders, supply of plants, layout of lawns and mounds, plantation of trees, shrubs, creepers, groundcovers and construction of special features like rockeries lily ponds, pergolas, greenhouses ect. Basically, we do everything related to gardens.

TURNKEY PROJECTS :- We undertake complete landscaping and development work on a turnkey basis. This involves landscape planning, horticultural execution of landscape layout plans and maintenance of the developed ideas. We have undertaken and successfully executed many prestigious jobs on turnkey basis in different parts of the country for Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd, U.P. State Electricity Board, NTPC Ltd., Cadbury's, ect. Our infrastructure with All India Network and an organized team of highly qualified and experienced personnel is our biggest asset.

LANDSCAPING OF INDUSTRIAL AREAS :- With a current emphasis on environment, large scale of industrial premises has become essential . Authorities and Pollution Control bodies recommend established standards for green belts, heights of chimneys emitting waste effluents and their distances from remaining developments ect. In this context specialized landscaping which combines these prerequisites with functional requirements and aesthetic considerations have to be conceived. Conscious and careful planning can go a long way in creating pollution free visually pleasing living environment. For further details please contact: Suttons Horticultural Consultancy Services, 13D, Russel Street , Calcutta -71,Phone: 290472.

B) Our Farms:-

We have farms in : Kalimpong : In the Himalayas , temperate climate, very conducive to grow flowers and seeds of all kinds and certain varieties of cabbage seeds. Ranchi : Temperate climate, conducive for flower seed production. Ranibeneur : Temperate climate, conducive for Tomato seed and other vegetable seed production. We do contract growing of flower seeds and vegetable seeds at the following farms.

C) Exports and Contact Production:-

Contact Farming:- We do contact farming of vegetable and flower seed for any company in India or abroad. Our farms are located in places with excellent climatic conditions and the right soil for seed production. Moreover our team of experts ensures that the highest quality seeds are produced. We also undertake exports orders for different kind of seeds and gardening equipments. Terms of business and condition of sell for export orders may be obtained on request.

D) Others Terms and Conditions:-

In view of the accounting problems in handling small sums of money, we are forced to withdraw 'Cash with Order' scheme introduced earlier for small orders. These orders would now be sent either by V.P. Parcels or through the customer's bankers. Orders above Rs.500.00 can still be sent on 'Cash with Order' basis. Cheques, drafts, Money orders and postal orders should be made out to Sutton & Sons(India)Pvt. Ltd, and crossed & Co. where practicable. Delivery of goods against payment by cheque will be made only after the cheque has been duly cleared. Clearance charges on out station cheques Rs.5.00 will however be billed. Customers are requested to attach the M.O. receipt to ensure immediate execution. Letters containing currency notes or stamps should should be sent in registered envelopes and insured. Credit facilities are allowed to only a limited number of old standing accounts. No new credit accounts are being opened. To all other customers, goods will be dispatched either against collection by VPP or through bank, as may be convenient.

EXPORT ORDERS: Terms of business and conditions of Sale for export orders may be obtained on request.

SALES TAX: If any goods sold by us are subject to either State or Central Sales Tax, the Tax will be payable by the purchaser at the rate in force at the time of despatch. Those customers claiming exemption from payment of either State or Central Sales Tax at the full rate should inform us when placing their order and must submit Declaration from 'C' and 'D' as applicable, in duplicate, within a forthnight of receiving our bill.

PRICES: The prices quoted in our Retail Price List, Bulk Price List and Trade Price List are those which were current at the date of going to press, and will be charged unless a special quotation has been given. In the event of unforeseen circumstances arising, we reserve the right to advance the price of any article mentioned in our catalogue without notice.

SUBSTITUTES: All goods listed in our article in our catalogue or in any offers made by special quotation are subject to the goods so offered being available either or receipt of order or when the order is passed for execution. Unless instruction to the contrary is received, whenever possible the nearest substitute will be forwarded in place of any item which may not be available or the quantity of any variety ordered may be reduced should the crop of that variety not have come up to expectations.

FERTILIZERS, PESTICIDES ETC: Supplied by us are of high grade and we believe them to be suitable for the purposes for which they are sold but since we cannot exercise control over the application by the user, no responsibility will be accepted for damage arising either directly or indirectly from their application or use.

GARDEN TOOLS: Are supplied subject to the condition that our liability in respect of any complaint or claim of whatever origin, shall be limited to the replacement of faulty material or the rectification of faulty workmanship and we accept no liability for loss or damage of any description arising out of the purchase or use of any garden tools.

WARRANTY-SUTTONS SEEDS: Sutton & Sons (India) Pvt. Ltd. warrants to the extent of the purchase price that seeds sold are as described on the containers, within recognized tolerance. Sellers gives no other or further warranty , express or implied. Orders will be accepted on the understanding that we will deliver unless prevented by the interruption of transport or other circumstances in which contingency any unfulfilled portion of an order is to be considered cancelled without liability on our part for non- delivery. The giving or sending of an order to us constitutes an acceptance of these Terms of Business and Conditions of Sale by the purchaser.


For orders less than Rs.100/- incidental cost of Rs.10/- will be added besides actual postage. Actual postage will be charged on all the orders above Rs.100/- and no incidental/packing charges will be added. Parcels weighing more than 5kg. and dispatched by rail or road, 50% of actual freight will be charged If sent by air, the difference between the airfreight charges and 50% of rail/road freight will be charged. Order will be sent either by VPP or through bank. We regret order below Rs.50/- cannot be accepted.

Every order is executed in accordance with our published terms of business and conditions of sales.
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